Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today on the show: Atheist evangelism

Today I'm cohost, and I'll be talking briefly about some recent efforts at atheist evangelism, specifically some highly publicized signs, billboards and bus ads, and I'll give my opinion on what I think are effective versus ineffective approaches to promoting atheism in the public square. This will basically be following up on recent posts here on the matter.

In other news, a T-shirt update: 32 still available for reservation out of the original 100.

Well, I didn't get to discuss my topic much, but that's because the calls were roaring in from the get-go and talking to callers is infinitely more interesting than anything I'd find to prattle on about. The chat room accompanying the online stream was on fire, too. Fun show today, overall.


  1. Gus is a CROCODILE, Martin. Not a hippo.

    Consider yourself anathematized.


  2. While I enjoy calls, I kind of miss hearing topics. It seems like you're only doing calls now and I understand that as the people taking the calls it's fun, but I really did like the subjects. I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I enjoyed learning something in the first part and then hearing calls in the second. I really hope you guys get back to that.

  3. Though you all presumably share major points of your topics with one another off-air, one wonders what the absent show hosts feel about listening to AETV lately, since non-Austinites have started calling up in droves.

    (Wait, what would be a better collective noun for callers or calls, or rings? Or non-Austinites, for that matter?)

  4. GeorgeNY: Them's fightin words!

    Jackie: My problem is I'm usually either too involved in other stuff the rest of the month that I never manage to take the time to prepare a topic for my appearance on the show. Or it's simple laziness. Tracie and Don and the other cohosts are good with topics. I just kind of like taking calls. I suppose that's because when I was host, topics were the exception rather than the norm. I'm sure you'll see more cohosts with topics in the future, though.

  5. I agree with Jackie. Sure, it makes nice tv getting a fundie on the phone with some argument of ignorance. But to me the topics are the main reasons I tune in to the show.

    Though I have to say the question on how to cope with relatives was a great question.

  6. I love the topics too, but I also learn a lot from watching the hosts and co-hosts deal with responding to Christian people. It's not merely a love of the sparks and comedy with "favorite callers", but there is the practical 'topic' I guess of "which arguments works and which don't" that underlies all of the caller interactions that I find very informative as well.


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