Thursday, October 02, 2008

Austinites: learn how to evangelize this Sunday

Hope I'll be forgiven for some shameless self-promotion today. I am this month's designated lecturer. This Sunday at the Austin History Center, starting at 12:15, I'll be giving a lecture on how to be an effective evangelist. The event description is as follows:

Russell Glasser will discuss tactics for atheist outreach. Topics covered will include when and why to speak up, knowing your audience, general principles for dealing with theistic arguments, and how to get attention.

Russell Glasser received an MS degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas. Russell is a lifelong atheist, and has been a member of the Atheist Community of Austin since 1999. During that time, he has been producer, host, and co-host on "The Atheist Experience," a founding member of "The Non-Prophets," and a co-creator of the wiki site with Matt Dillahunty. Russell is also a prolific contributor to the online atheist community. He has been blogging on religious and political topics since 2005 on both his personal blog, "Kazim's Korner" and the Atheist Experience blog.

I am working on the assumption that somebody (usually Don) will record the lecture so we can post it on Google Video or something later. I am also working on a Power Point presentation that I will post after the lecture.

For more information on this and other monthly lectures, please visit the ACA lecture series page. This should be fun, hope to see you all there.


  1. Have you no SHAME, MAN??

    Sounds like a good time, I will look forward to the google vid. =) Break a leg!

  2. Bummer, I'm out of town. So I'll be looking forward to the Google vid.

  3. Is there any way the audio from the lecture could be made available as a podcast? I've been enjoying the Atheist Experience and the Non-Prophets, but I miss out on the videos.

  4. I hope the audio on the video is listenable. Typically it isn't, due to the only mic being attached to the camera.


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