Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Good news from home, plus open election thread

Yeah, I was a little bummed that Hill squeaked by Barack in Texas last night. But he still leads in delegates, so we'll just have to see how the next batch of primaries go.

But the news this morning that is chock full of awesome is that Pat Hardy won re-election to the SBOE! This managed to stave off what would literally have been a YEC takeover of the board, giving the forces of superstitious ignorance and scientific illiteracy a mandate to make your children ignorant. So the good guys won one, and decisively so, last night.

But you know creationists. It's like playing Whack-a-Mole with those tards. The fight will go on.

I'm declaring the comments here an open election thread. Vent all you like about whom you hate, whom you love, and why anyone who disagrees is a razza-frazzin' idiot! Enjoy.

PS: Sorry. Didn't realize the Dallas Morning News link would be intercepted by one of those appallingly stupid "Register Now!" pages. Why do websites do that?


  1. If this race keeps going like it is going it is going to be decided in Puerto Rico.


  2. Social conservatives threw their support behind Cleburne urologist Barney Maddox, known for his strong support of creation science ...

    Social conservative? Creation science? Spin like that borders on deception. Framing the debate is half the battle.

  3. 2008 Texas Democratic Primary Results Map

    Click on the map for larger version. A lot of green (Clinton).


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