Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Tuesday: Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial

Yes, I know things have been quiet around here for several days, but rest assured I'm about to be doing a lot of catch-up blogging this week. But for starters, I wanted to alert everyone to this week's upcoming episode of PBS's venerable Nova, a two-hour special about the Dover trial entitled Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial. Barbara Forrest, who was in town at the beginning of the month, is among the experts prominently featured in it, and at least one review I've read assures us it will be a solid pro-science piece dealing in the facts and nothing but the facts, without the lame style of "he said, she said" reportage that masquerades as "fair and balanced" "journalism" in the post-Fox world. So check your listings.

And I have a favor to ask of our readers. I won't be in a position to watch it Tuesday night. So if anyone can TiVO it/tape it/burn it to DVD/post it to Google or YouTube, please let me know. I really can't wait to see it and I'm bummed I'll be nowhere near a television Tuesday night. Thanks in advance!


  1. I'll be DVRing it in HD, so a transfer isn't possible. But it repeats on 11/16/07 at 2:00am in SD. If you still can't make that showing, I'll repost telling you how great it was.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Martin. I knew it was coming but almost forgot to set my DVR.

  3. It will also be on the NPR website starting 11/16:

    (click "Watch Online" and it tells you to come back November 16 to watch the show online in full.)


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