Saturday, July 07, 2007

It wasn't exactly a difficult quiz...

I sometimes enjoy these, but it would be nice to have some real "make you think" questions instead of a handful of "well, duh" no-brainers.

I am, however, highly skeptical that I look anything like the photo there.

You Are Very Skeptical

Your personal motto is: "Prove it."

While some ideas, like life after death, may seem nice...

You aren't going to believe them simply because it feels good.

You let science and facts be your guide... Even if it means you don't share the beliefs of those around you.

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  1. The one I'm most curious about was the one that asked what if someone said they knew me from a past life. I put that I would assume they were describing that they felt some strong connection to me (perhaps the result of some childhood dysfunction?). The alternative was that they were either hitting on me or crazy. I guess in the end, I didn't have the ego to go all the way to "hitting on" me--and just assumed they thought they really really liked me for some reason. Of course, the "strong connection" could be that they feel a need to stalk, intimidate, and hate me...?


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