Friday, June 29, 2007

Jo Hovind sentenced

One year and a day for Mrs. Hovind, whose charming husband — who's now holding comical not-quite-Socratic dialogues with God, it would seem — once told her she needed to "advance" because she was actually starting to feel twinges of guilt and remorse over their dishonest and criminal activities. I'm not adding the "schadenfreude" tag to this one, because I actually feel a little sorry for Jo. It's evident she's played the role of quiet submissive Christian wife putting up with all manner of verbal bullying from an arrogant and self-righteous husband much too long. I hope when she gets out, she will advance — right down the road to the divorce court, to start over in a new life.


  1. So, Kent Hovind would probably be opposed to divorce right?

    Would it be morally reprehensible of me to hope Jo experiences the blossoming of a heretofore latent lesbianism?

  2. As a secularist, I am disturbed by Mr. Hovinds sentence.

    Many tax evaders who have walked away with millions from the government (think Leona Helmsly) and others who have walked aways with workers pension plans have gotten far lesser sentences...although he definitely deserved some time.

    This smacks of relgious doubt about it.

    Secularists and atheist should protest this treatment of anyone.

  3. Just because other people have gotten unfairly and inappropriately light sentences for crimes in the past doesn't mean we should protest whenever someone finally gets the appropriate sentence. O.J. SImpson got away with murder despite mountains of evidence against him; that doesn't mean we should consider every murder conviction to be grossly unfair by default.

    I see no evidence of religious persecution whatsoever here. That's just the hand-waving line Hovind's supporters give to make him seem like some kind of martyr. And it plays right into his self-absorption and self-righteous egomania.

  4. >Many tax evaders who have walked away with millions from the government (think Leona Helmsly) and others who have walked aways with workers pension plans have gotten far lesser sentences

    Also, fair or not, attitude counts. Hovind put on quite a spectacle apparently. Just ask the attorneys handling the merger with Whole foods about the owner of Whole Foods' recent libertarian blogging and how that can affect you when you're in the midst of an investigation. Some judges like to remind the unrepentent who exactly holds the cards. Who can say what would have happened if Hovind would have shown at least a little bit of sincere "Your Honor, I know what I did was wrong..."?

  5. Someday All you Athiests are going to be in for the Shock of Your lives. I was once an athiest, because I took no notice of this Universe we are in. you are simply saying that this amazing Universe & all it's Amazing qualities happened by "chance"! You seriously need to wake up, because within the next 80 - 120 years at the most, if you are 1 now and able to read this because you have so evolved as you believe you can, you will be meeting Your Maker, & You will have to Account for your Blindness, & before you ridicule the Bible, try reading it, & see what it says at the "scoffers".
    You are Listed in it, try bridging that Gap that Jesus has already started, & end up as one of the Blessed Believers of the Bible.

    All that stuff taught in public schools to yourself & your children on evolution is hogwash, & a ploy to take you away from the Truth, deceit is everywhere, music, film, false religion etc etc. Don't be caught wanting, because you would have already been measured, & there is NO turning back.

    Till He Comes...

    (That Would Be Jesus)

  6. Thanks for the chuckle, John, but do try coming up with something original next time, or at least something that resembles an argument (I won't trouble you for evidence -- no sense in asking you to provide what you ain't got). Otherwise, posts like these just reveal how less educated you are than we. Even regarding the Bible, about which I'd imagine most of us know more than you. You know, in retrospect, staying in school might not have been such a bad idea, now, would it?


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