Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Second Coming is upon us!

Huzzah! Although I don't think this guy is who the billion and a half-odd Christians around the globe probably had in mind...


  1. They covered him on the news again tonight, and he's backing off from his claim of being Jesus and is now claiming to be the antichrist (or possibly antechrist, given his unorthodox doctrine).

    He's sporting two new tattoos; 666 on one arm, sss on the other. His congregation has followed suit with the tattoos as well.

  2. *Blinks* *Blinks* again....... still just *Blinks*

  3. Just when you think you've seen it all...

  4. It was him who started the bombs in second life.... That is why he is the anti-crist!!!! *heavey sarcasim added*

  5. That guy looks like a Donny Osmond version of a Ken Doll. :/ Maybe South Park was correct- the Mormons are right.

  6. He looks like Donny Osmond with a tan


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