Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fundie sex police suffer another setback

Things aren't going well for right-wing Christian antisex movements these days, despite having a bought-and-paid-for president in the White House. Late last week, the FDA, as everyone now knows, approved the Plan B "morning after pill" for over-the-counter sales. This is one of the most sensible and socially responsible acts our government has carried out in recent memory, and it could drastically lower the number of unplanned pregnancies — many of which end, yes, in abortion — annually. Naturally, the same Christians who are against abortion are against this ideal abortion preventative. And their reasoning shows their minds haven't gotten any less calcified than they were in the dark days of Anthony Comstock.

Opponents contend that nonprescription availability could increase promiscuity and promote use of the pills by sexual predators.

I try to picture in my head the image of a rapist ravishing some poor helpless woman, then thoughtfully giving her a bottle of Plan B to prevent her unwanted pregnancy (because sexual predators are such considerate guys, you see), and the absurdity of it beggars description. Only a Christian fundamentalist, with their bizarre, surreal way of interpreting reality, could ever imagine this would be a factor.

But the more revealing reason is the first one. To put it bluntly, the whole anti-abortion movement isn't really about saving unborn babies, nor is there the least bit of concern for the health and welfare of women. What it's about is regulating "sin". Christians just don't like the fact that there are all these non-Christians in the world having so much fun "sinning" in their bedrooms, with all those devilish contraceptives allowing them to enjoy recreational sex while preventing pregnancy or the spread of disease. According to their dogmas, no one who isn't a married Christian doing the deed for the purpose of breeding little Christians has any business boinking at all. So not only must abortion be outlawed, but contraceptives must be suppressed as much as possible, too, if only to ensure that all us horrible sinners are suffering the worst possible consequences of our sin. It isn't about being "pro-life," it's about wishing the worst for people, at all times. How uncivil can you get? Apparently, if you're a fundamentalist, there's no bottom to scrape in how much hatred you can have for your fellow man — and woman.

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  1. Perhaps the anti-abortionists have a covert pyramid scheme, where not only do they "save" unborn children, but "save unwanted" international children through the "adoption" process. (even though there are plenty of children here, who are considered "unadoptable"). In my opinion, religion is all about bdsm.


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