Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gamers, get ready for Left Behind 2

Alert Non-Prophets listener "Rasputin" sent me this valuable information:

Greetings Unprophets,

After your recent lengthy hiatus I realized I just can’t get enough and with a lack of other listening material I decided to take a stroll through the archives.

...During the March 24, 2007 episode there was a story about the stock price of Left Behind Games hitting eighteen cents and someone questioned parenthetically “Weren’t they going to put out a sequel?”

To assuage my rampant curiosity on this issue I decided to make an offering to the Great Lord Google and what do I find?


Not only did they make a sequel but they released it yesterday making this insanely topical. Clearly my yearnings for the dulcet rantings of Jeff Dee were divinely inspired.

According to this press release the first game is “known as the most widely distributed Christian PC game in history.” I think that’s kind of like cruising for chicks in the maternity ward because you know they put out. It may be technically true but is missing quite a bit of the big picture. And by quite a bit I mean all.

I never did get around to playing the first Left Behind game, because the reviews were so awful it sounded painful to play even for camp value. This time will probably be no different, but I look forward to hearing whether they managed to remain utterly tone-deaf when we see how many flaws that were pointed out remain unfixed.


  1. well, screw Assassin's Creed II, Mass Effect 2 and Halo ODST- I'm getting Left Behind 2!

  2. I was Left Behind once with no ill effect. I can safely give this great offering a pass too.

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  4. The real question is "Would I not get the plot of the second if I never played the first?"

  5. From reading the books I can say that those involved had a sever lack of imagination. I wonder if that's due to being used to thinking so 'literally' that the process of imagination and critical creativity is stunted.

  6. I wonder if the spyware that was included with the first game is included in the sequel.

  7. is it just me or the game looks exactly like the first version ? Also when will they make the "gone ahead" frenchise. about the poor atheist kid who struggles to live in a world conquered by religious nuts ?

  8. AtheistUnderMask,
    why would Christians worry about spyware? It doesn't trouble them much to be certain that the Creator Of The Universe is watching what's going on inside their underwear and their cerebrum constantly.

    word verification: flogg

  9. I'd buy a left behind game if it gave me the option of slapping Buck Cameron.


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